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Frequently Asked Questions

    help page

    Cancellation / Refund

    • I want to cancel my ticket.
    • When will I be refunded for my cancelled ticket?
    • Can I perform the cancellation-refund process of my ticket from your call centre other than the online cancellation option?
    help page


    • Can I change the date or direction on my ticket?
    • What are the airline rules for the change process?
    • Can I change the name on my ticket?
    help page

    Baggage Processes

    • What is the baggage allowance?
    • How much is my hand baggage allowance?
    • I want to purchase extra baggage. What should I do?
    help page

    Check-In Processes

    • What is online check-in?
    • What do I need for online check-in?
    • How can I make my check-in transaction?

    Cancellation / Refund

    Click on the ‘Ticket Cancellation’ tab.

    Enter your PNR No that we have forwarded to you at the time of purchase and your Surname in the PNR No field and view your ticket.

    You will be presented with options to cancel the ticket.

    After you press the ‘’Cancel’’ button, the refund amount will be shown to you.

    The refund of your cancelled ticket will be sent to the bank on the same day by us and will be made by the bank.


    Transactions requiring a refund may vary between 3 (three) business days and 7 (seven) business days, depending on the bank of your credit card.


    The refund period of transactions made with debit cards may vary according to the refund procedures of the relevant banks.

    All ticket-related refund-cancelations transactions can be made in accordance with airline rules. 

    You can get help from our support line at 444 87 87 or +90850 737 8 737 for your refund-cancellation processes.

    Refunds will not be granted for the "Ticketing Service Fee" that is charged during the ticketing process for the provision of services. 

    When making refund transactions via the Call Centre, a transaction fee of TRY 60 for domestic flights and TRY 200 for international flights will be deducted. 

    If you cancel your ticket using the "Ticket Cancellation" tab on the Ucuzabilet.com homepage at https://www.ucuzabilet.com/bilet-iptal-iade, there will be no deduction for the transaction fee.


    It is not possible to change the date or route of the purchased tickets on the website or mobile application. You can take help from our call center by calling 444 87 87 or 0850 737 8 737 for all your ticket changes. For the requests for date or route change, transactions will be made due to the rules that determined by the airlines, which may lead apply change penalty and the take the price difference between the tickets that you want to change to amount. Except for the change penalty and the possible price difference that may occur in the reservation change; In addition, a transaction fee of 75 TL for domestic lines and 500 TL for international lines is charged. The "Transaction Fee" that taken for that service provided cannot be refunded.

    You can find the cancellation, refund and change rules in the "Flight Rules" section of our website for the relevant flight during the ticket purchase process or during the optional reservation stage.

    We recommend that you read these rules carefully before purchasing your ticket, as each airline has different practices regarding cancellation, refund and change for the prices offered for sale. Especially for promotional tickets, changes and/or refunds are not allowed due to the limited rules set by the relevant airline.

    It’s not possible to change the name of reservation or purchased tickets and transfer a purchased ticket to another name.

    We strongly remind you to check your information before making the purchase.

    We kindly ask you to check the cancellation/refund rules of your ticket on the ticket cancellation tab.

    The terms and conditions for utilizing open tickets are subject to variation depending on the airlines. If you have decided on a new date for your travel and wish to make modifications to your open ticket, you can get in touch with our support line at 444 87 87.

    Baggage Processes

    According to airline sales policies, tickets with and without baggage can be offered for sale in many airlines.

    Before purchasing your ticket, you can check your baggage information and your baggage allowance by clicking on the 'Details' section or the 'Flight Rules' tab under the flight information.

    If you have made the purchase, you can access detailed information about your baggage information by clicking on the "E-ticket" section in the flight detail information we have sent to you.

    Hand baggage allowance varies according to airline practices. You can check up-to-date information about the right to hand luggage and the list of other items that are allowed to be carried free of charge in the cabin as hand luggage, on the respective airlines' websites.

    If there is no room in the cabin, these items will be carried as checked baggage.

    It is not possible to add the hand baggage allowance to the free baggage allowance.

    For information about extra baggage, you can request assistance from our support line at 444 87 87 or +90850 737 8 737.

    When you request a refund for your ticket, the amount you have paid for the extra baggage service you have purchased will be refunded to you.

    The extra baggage service you have purchased based on your change request regarding your ticket due to flight cancellation will be reflected on your new ticket after the change process.

    In order for your transactions to be carried out, we request you to provide transactions via our support line at 444 87 87.

    When you buy connecting tickets on your flights, you can ensure that your luggage reaches your final destination without any problems.

    Check-In Processes

    It’s a service that allows passengers who have purchased their tickets from the relevant airline to complete their transactions online more quickly and easily before they go to the airport.

    When you check in online, you don't have to wait in line for your check-in process at the airport.

    You can also select your seat number by following the online check-in steps on the relevant airline page.While many airlines do not charge a fee for online check-in, some airlines may charge for specially preferred seats.

    You can check-in by using the PNR number sent to you via SMS and e-mail for domestic flights and by using the airline PNR number sent to you via e-mail for international flights.

    If you do not know the airline of your flight and your airline PNR number, you can view the details from the "My Travels" section within your membership information.

    Online check-in can be done on the page of the relevant airline.

    You can complete your online check-in process by entering your ticket number or reservation code (PNR) and surname in the "check-in/reservation" field of the online check-in section of the website.

    Online check-in is not a service of our website, it can be done through the airlines' own websites.

    You can access the check-in websites of the airlines at https://www.ucuzabilet.com/online-checkin.
    The mobile boarding pass (barcode) can be obtained during check-in transactions made from the relevant airline website or mobile platforms.

    When checking-in from mobile devices, a QR code is given instead of a boarding pass. A message (SMS and/or e-mail) containing your flight details and mobile boarding pass (barcode) link will be sent to your registered contact number and e-mail address.

    When you click on the link, the mobile boarding pass (barcode) that can be used instead of the boarding pass is shown.

    Passengers without baggage can pass quickly and easily by showing this mobile boarding pass (barcode) to the officers at the security gates and to the boarding officers before boarding the plane.

    Passengers with a mobile boarding pass (barcode) can start their flights by having their barcodes read by the smart devices/mobile boarding pass (barcode) readers at the boarding gates at the airports and delivering their baggage.

    You can get your boarding pass by reading this code on the devices located at the airport entrances.

    If I don’t have baggage;

    Passengers who have checked in online must be at the boarding gate at the latest 60 minutes before the flight time for domestic flights and 90 minutes before the flight time for international flights and Nicosia, if they do not have baggage to be delivered to the counter.

    Passengers without baggage can send their boarding pass/barcode via e-mail or as a message to their mobile phone after online check-in or they can directly get on the plane by passing the security control with the printout of the boarding pass or the mobile barcode image and going directly to the gate number where the plane will take off.

    If I have baggage;

    Passengers who have completed the online check-in process and have baggage must be at the boarding gate at the latest 60 minutes before the flight time for domestic flights, and at the latest 120 minutes before the flight time for international flights and Nicosia. They can deliver their baggage to the Baggage Delivery or Online Check-in counters at the airport to receive the boarding pass. 

    If you have extra baggage, be sure to arrive at the airport taking into account the duration of the payment process.

    It’s recommended that our passengers be at the terminal at least 120 minutes before the flight time for domestic lines and at least 180 minutes before the flight time for international lines and Nicosia, in order to avoid time losses that may occur due to additional measures taken at the airports.

    At the same time, it’s recommended to be at the airport earlier than the specified times on holidays, New Year's Eve, official holidays and other public holidays as the airport may be more crowded than the usual.

    Each flight in the reservation (PNR) number can be checked in. Boarding passes for each flight can be printed separately. Passengers with connecting flights are recommended to print the boarding passes of the connecting flights they have checked in before arriving at the airport, so as not to waste time at the airport.

    You can check-in online for each passenger (maximum 9 passengers) in the same reservation record (PNR).

    Choosing a seat or purchasing a paid seat is not a check-in process.

    During the online check-in process, you can choose an available seat by viewing the seating plan of the flight.

    While many airlines do not charge a fee for online check-in, some airlines may charge for specially preferred seats.

    Due to technical problems, the airline company from which you have completed your online check-in process and purchased your seat has the authority to change your seat number.

    If there is any change in your reservation after you’ve checked in and created your boarding pass, the boarding pass you’ve created will not be valid and you will have to make a new check-in and create a new boarding pass.

    Due to the airline practices, your seat selection is now automatically given by the airline during your check-in procedures.

    If you want to choose a special seat other than the seats automatically given by the airline, you can make your purchase in line with the prices determined by the airline.

    The sale of exit seats may vary depending on the type of ticket purchased or airline practices.

    Online check-in is not a service of our website, it can be done through the airlines' own websites.


    After logging in to  site for membership procedures, you can proceed by clicking on the sign up section in the upper right corner. Afterwards, you can complete your membership process by logging in with your name, surname, e-mail address and determining your password.

    You can contact our customer representatives at +90 850 737 8 737 and 444 87 87 to get support regarding the transactions.

    Your e-mail address in the membership account cannot be changed for KVKK (Law on Personal Data Protection) reasons and for your security. You can create a new membership with your current e-mail address.

    You can carry out your transaction by going to the settings section of your membership account.

    In order to cancel your membership; you can cancel it by logging in with your password and clicking the "delete my membership" button in the settings section.

    Campaigns and Discounts

    You can be informed about discounts if you are a member of Ucuzabilet and allow notifications on the website and mobile application via your computer, mobile phone or tablet (notification settings permissions in the settings section).

    You can follow the campaigns and discounts with the e-newsletter subscription to Ucuzabilet.

    At the same time, you can access all campaign details about the campaign you are interested in by entering the campaigns section on our website and mobile application.

    In order to use your discount coupon, you can proceed to the purchase screen by selecting a flight that meets the campaign participation conditions.

    You can complete your purchase by defining your coupon code in the "use discount coupon" section in the payment area.

    We recommend that you make sure that you have chosen a flight that complies with the terms of use of the campaign or that you log in to the application with your subscription.

    After logging into the application with your membership, we kindly ask you to check the payment area. If you do not log in to the application with your membership, the coupon usage area is not active.

    You can access the discount code you have earned from our campaign from the discount coupons tab in the my account section after logging into the application with your membership.

    If you define the discount coupon you have won from our campaign once in the discount coupon field, if you exit without completing the transaction, your discount coupon will be blocked for 15 minutes.

    When you try the transaction again after 15 minutes, your discount coupon will be active and the coupon amount will be reduced over the ticket price and the ticket purchase process will be completed.

    You can cancel your subscription by clicking the 'Unsubscribe' link in the newsletter sent to you.

    You can contact our customer representatives at +90 850 737 8 737 and 4444 87 87 to get support regarding the transactions.

    Important Information

    According to the information received from the Ministry of Interior Police Department, as of June 30, 2021, Turkish citizens who will depart to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus will be exited from our country with their old-style identity cards, and a new type with biometric photograph will be completed in accordance with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standards. Check out will be done with ID cards.

    Passengers who cannot meet this requirement will not be accepted to the flight.

    "Based on the statement made by the T.R. Ministry of Interior; in travels to Cyprus, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Ukraine: Passengers under the age of 18 (including children and infants) are required to present a photo identity document in order to use their new type chip identity cards as travel document. Travel with an identity card without a photo will not be allowed. Additional documents (consent) may be requested for child passengers traveling with their parents or any of them."

    Regarding the rules and conditions that the passengers who will travel from our country to abroad and the passengers who will enter our country from abroad, within the scope of Covid-19 measures; Click here for the Country Entry Table

    1. What services do you provide for passengers with special circumstances?

    Following the check-in process for elderly, language-prone, phobic, visually and hearing-impaired or young passengers, the accompanying service may vary depending on the airline conditions, if requested during the boarding process and upon arrival of the aircraft. For such requests, you can get help from our support line at 444 87 87 or 0850 737 8 737.

    2. What are the procedures applied to pregnant passengers?

    A report is not requested from pregnant passengers who have not completed twenty-eight weeks (seven months).

    Passengers who are pregnant with a single baby are allowed to travel from 28 weeks to 36 weeks with a report from their doctor stating "There is no problem in traveling by plane". After 36 weeks, travel is not allowed even if there is a doctor's report.

    Passengers who are pregnant with two or more babies are allowed to travel from 28 weeks to 32 weeks with a report from their doctor stating "There is no problem in traveling by plane". After 32 weeks, it is not allowed to travel even if there is a doctor's report.

    The date of the doctor's report cannot be older than seven days.

    The name, surname, diploma number and signature of the doctor who prepared the report must be on the report.

    3. What are the procedures applied to visually impaired passengers?

    Visually impaired passengers can travel alone or with their assistance dogs.

    The passenger must present the training certificate of the guide dog and the veterinarian's wallet showing that the vaccinations are complete.

    Passengers with disabilities who are unable to follow the instructions given by the flight crew in emergency situations cannot fly without an accompanying person.

    The reservation requirement for such requests may vary according to the airline rules. For your requests, you can get help from our support line at 444 87 87 or 0850 787 8 737.

    4. What are the procedures applied to the hearing impaired passengers?

    Hearing impaired passengers can travel alone.

    5. What are the procedures applied to both visually and hearing impaired passengers?

    It is mandatory for both visually and hearing impaired passengers to travel with a companion.

    6. Pet Transport

    It may vary depending on the weather conditions. For such requests, you can get help from our support line at 44487 87 and 0850 737 8 737. For such cases, it is necessary to send a message to the airline of your reservation and accept it during the reservation. It may incur additional charges.

    On the way to the airport; A passport for international flights and a photo ID card for domestic flights (identity card, driver's license, passport, marriage certificate) are required. Passengers are not accepted to the flight with photocopies of documents.

    In accordance with the security rules, only the following documents can be accepted at the passenger identity check:

    Birth certificate

    Driving licence

    Passport and passport substitute documents

    Marriage certificate

    Birth certificate until one month after birth (provided that it is accompanied by parental ID)

    Visa and/or passport for international flights


    The way to fly to all over the world at the most affordable prices is through ucuzabilet.com.

    You can compare all flights on the route you want within the date range you specify, on a single screen, and choose the most suitable one for you.

    Here are a few suggestions for getting the right and cheap ticket from ucuzabilet.com, which offers payment facilities up to 9 installments with credit card:

    * Confirming your flight date before your trip or determining the date range you want to go helps you find suitable flights. Since the occupancy rate of the airlines will be high during periods such as holidays, New Year's Eve and summer holidays, if you want to fly during these periods, you can increase your chances of flying at more affordable prices and finding promotional tickets by finalizing the date in advance.

    * When making your travel plans abroad, first learn the visa conditions of the country you want to go to and be informed about how long it will take to obtain a visa. In this way, you can eliminate the possibility of burning the ticket you bought because the visa procedures are not completed.

    * Prices increase during holiday periods, but it is possible to fly at very advantageous prices in low seasons. Although it changes according to the line; Generally, the autumn months after the summer season and the spring months after the February holiday are convenient for flying at a more affordable price with lower occupancy rates. Take these dates into consideration when making your flight plan, and don't forget to check out the deals offered by ucuzabilet.com frequently.

    * You have the chance to fly at incredible prices by constantly following the best deals and promotions. Promotional prices on ucuzabilet.com; just below it contains the refund, cancellation conditions. When you catch a promotional price, carefully reading the rules will help you plan your trip.

    * When purchasing promotional tickets, do not worry about the flight having more than one connecting flight. Getting enough information about the transfer points of the ticket you will buy and the visa conditions of these points can turn connecting flights into an advantage for you.

    While making a travel plan, you can reach the relevant results in a practical way by entering basic information such as airport, travel date, number of passengers on the search screen on the home page of ucuzabilet.com, and you can buy the most suitable flight ticket for you in terms of price and date.

    A reservation made cannot be transferred to another person, name changes cannot be made.

    Rights such as use, reservation or change of course of the tickets belong only to the person whose name and surname are written on the ticket. This right cannot be transferred in any way.

    Pre-Flight Preparations

    It is very important to be aware of this information before the flight so that you do not have any problems while boarding the plane and have a safe journey. From the moment you buy the ticket to the moment you get on the plane and settle into your seat, this information will shed light on you.

    First of all, check the flight day and time of the ticket you bought and make sure that a ticket is not issued to a different destination.

    For check-in, you must arrive at the area approximately 2 hours in advance. If you wish, you can make your job a little easier by checking in online.

    Having information about baggage restrictions and mastering the details of visa and passport will also help you in security checks.

    Have a nice trip in advance!

    Due to the airline rule, unfortunately, no intervention can be made on the name-surname field on the purchased tickets.

    The name, surname and identity/passport information on the ticket must be exactly the same.

    This obligation is a rule created by the airline for a safe flight.

    The airline or agency cannot give any guarantee regarding your flight on tickets issued with incorrect information.We kindly ask you to check the cancellation/refund rules of your ticket from the ticket cancellation tab.

    According to civil aviation rules, passengers who do not have an identity card or whose ticket does not match with their ID cannot fly.

    For this reason, you must have a valid identity card (identity card, driver's license or passport) with you to verify the identity information on your ticket.

    You can buy your ticket safely with the credit card secure payment system (3D Secure) on our website, either for yourself or for a relative, and you can travel without any problems.

    For payments made by credit card, your credit card information is not stored in our systems under any circumstances.

    How to make an online reservation?
    If you want to book and book tickets on our website, there must be at least 1 or more days for your first flight and a maximum of 355 days for your return flight. If there is more than 355 days between the date we are present and the date you want to return, the transaction cannot be made.
    You can create a pre-reservation using our website and buy your ticket up to the option automatically given to you or a new option notified to you later. The option given to you during the transaction has been given by the system for the formation of the reservation, and the airlines have the right to withdraw the option given by the system.
    In such cases, your new option period will be notified to you in writing and/or verbally according to the contact information you have given to ucuzabilet.com and you will be asked to consider your new option period.
    How can I view my optional reservation?
    You can view it by typing your PNR and surname on the “My Reservations” screen on the home page.
    What are the reservation conditions?
    As a general rule, optional reservations are not allowed for Pegasus, and SunExpress, domestic and international flights.
    Optional reservations are not allowed on Turkish Airlines' domestic promotion flights.
    For international flights, optional reservations are not allowed until 48 hours before the flight, and you can purchase tickets directly.
    A maximum of 7 passengers (including children and adults) can be booked on all international flights.
    Children cannot be booked alone. For a child passenger, a reservation can be made with 1 adult.
    In the infant passenger (0-2 years old) option, seats are not reserved and tickets are issued.
    Passengers under the age of 18 are required to bring with them a letter of consent stating their family's permission to fly alone during the flight.
    As a general rule covering all airlines, there is no obstacle to making more than one reservation for the same person with the same airline at the same or close date range during the transaction. It is recommended that you do not make duplicate reservations on behalf of the same person, as reservations may be canceled due to occupying too much space, without warning by the airlines. ucuzabilet.com will not be responsible for the cancellation of such reservations.

    PNR (Passenger Name Record) code is an abbreviation for Passenger Name Record. It is more commonly known as a reservation number. It is given to you when you make an optional reservation and/or purchase a ticket. The PNR code consists of numbers and letters. With this number, you can print out your ticket and make changes and cancellations.

    The PNR code is the easiest way to access your flight information. In order to access your information, you need to know your PNR record or ticket number. The PNR code is sent to you via e-mail when you buy a ticket online. The same code is also on the printed ticket.

    You should take care to keep your flight information confidential for the security of your personal information and for those whose details you do not want to be accessed.

    When purchasing your ticket, you must make sure that you have recorded your personal information and mobile phone correctly. Otherwise, all this information will not be sent to you via e-mail and SMS.